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Easy recipe for homemade body scrub

Coffee is used by many people to help them wake up and feel energised in the morning, but it can invigorate your skin and soothe puffy eyes too! One of our all-time favourite home beauty treatments is a coffee scrub, for its invigorating fragrance and texture to the instant results! And the best thing about homemade beauty products is that you know exactly what goes in to them, so you can keep them clean and natural!

Caffeine has become a popular ingredient in skincare products because of its biological activity and ability to penetrate the skin barrier.  Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have an amazing effect on the skin and the great news is that you can achieve the results with a simple face scrub made of coffee!  When combined with an oil as a scrub or mask, it will leave your skin feeling soft and instantly brighter.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of a coffee scrub are anti-ageing and help to even the skin tone and keep the skin firm. Coffee stimulates blood circulation in the area where it’s applied helping with skin cell renewal by having a cleansing and nourishing effect.  When applied to the eyes it can shrink blood vessels and remove water content helping to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and also lessen the appearance of dark circles.  As a body scrub, coffee helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing the microcirculation of blood in the area and creating a smoother appearance.

So, here is our Simple Recipe:

1 tablespoon of coffee grounds

1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil

Combine the ingredients and apply to the face as a mask and make sure to include the eye area.  Leave for approximately ten minutes and then massage the skin (while in the shower is easiest) in circular motions for couple of minutes (avoiding the eye area) and then rinse. The exfoliating effect combined with the oil will leave the skin feeling soft, moisturised and looking brighter!

You can adapt this recipe to include other natural oils, essential oils, sugars or salts, but you will get a great result with just the coffee and oil.  You will need to make a bigger batch if using it as a body scrub.

Use this recipe to instantly rejuvenate tired looking skin and puffy eyes. Tip, pre-make the mix and freeze in muffin tins to have them on hand when you need a quick pick-me up!

If you're short on time, we stock a gorgeous handmade body scrub bar with shea and coconut oil for deep nourishment, pink Himalayan salt and black chia seeds, ready to go and super soft silky skin guaranteed.

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