• SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOUR LOVED ONE, from you, with a special message, plus, GIFTWRAPPED!


    Gift set includes:

     1 x Mango Tango shampoo bar

    1 x Orange Blossom Conditioner Bar, with Jamine blossoms

    1 x Frangipani, Coconut and Pomegranate Intense All Over Body Moisturising Bar; and

    1 x Charcoal gentle cleansing face and body bar.



    Shipped directly to your loved one, with tracking supplied to you. Include a special message (optional), printed and included in the gift set.

    Beautifully packaged in an organza bag and wrapped in tropical tissue paper, with a lovely bow.

    Presented with a special instructions pamphlet, makes for a lovely gift. 


    Purchase our bestsellers as a gift set, get fabulous results combining the deep cleansing and fortyfying effect of our organic shampoo bars, and soften hair for a silky smooth feel with our deluxe conditioner bars. Caress your skin with our charcoal cleansing bar and follow up with our deep moisturising body balm bar. 


    All packaged into an amazing gift set!

    Give the gift you would love to receive. 


    Our gift sets include 100% biodegradable products and packaging. Going Coco makes it fun to gift, without it costing the earth. 



    4 Piece Mango Tango Gift Set - The perfect Gift!

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